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oh! gee - Drop Top

Vancouver-based duo oh! gee supplies scorching summer trap anthem, ‘Drop Top’ [EXCLUSIVE]

If there’s one thing oh! gee can guarantee with absolute certainty, it’s the head-turning, feet-moving, and booty-shaking beats that beg to be blasted through the speakers at vivacious volumes, and their latest release “Drop Top” is no different. Christian Ashe and Renaud Vauterin are the two creative forces behind oh! gee, effortlessly combining their individual styles for a unique sound that is sure to have ears tingling and speakers ringing with frequencies never before experienced quite like this.

The Vancouver-based producers have been around the block, securing coverage and releases with blogs like Emengy, Bad Luck Club, Above & Below, FUXWITHIT, and more. Furthermore, in their relatively short career, oh! gee have already founded their own record label, Pirated Records, and they’ve supported major acts like Bukez Finezt, Downlink, Jellynote, Leet, Aztek, Vincent, and Yheti. In addition, the duo has performed at multiple festivals in Western Canada, including their first headlining slot at Deadman’s 5 in Northern British Columbia.

Racking up over 300,000 plays for their tracks across Spotify and SoundCloud, this summer will surely prove to only continue the prolific bass duo’s momentum.

oh! gee – “Drop Top” [Conscious Electronic Exclusive]

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