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Berlin’s TWO LANES shine brightly on mesmerizing 7-track bitbird EP, ‘Reflections’

Since announcing their plans for a new extended play journey back in April 2021, TWO LANES has now delivered on their promise in the best of ways. Berlin-based siblings Leo and Rafa Schmid have officially released their much anticipated Reflections EP on San Holo’s beloved bitbird imprint. 

“We look at the new EP as an extension of the ‘Lights EP’ which came out last year on bitbird. it’s about how a creative outcome can shape you emotionally, how you travel with your creative thoughts, and how this reflects on how you are as a person.” 


The EP kicks off with the gorgeous track “Phases,” a melodic and evocative instrumental piece that sets the vibe for the rest of the work. The EP’s title track, “Reflections,” is a soothing masterpiece for those early Sunday morning vibes or late-night summer sessions. It is a calming and reassuring track that adds more beauty and delicacy to this world. The instrumental and electronic melodies join to convey pure emotion and, of course, the piano heard throughout the song ties it all up for a relaxing feeling that stays long after the last note is played. 

“Another Time,” featuring Kwesi, is a piano-driven track with somber undertones, yet a gorgeous melody, that stands out on the project, as it’s one of only two tracks with vocals. “Remembering the Future” follows with a blissful and soft melody, bringing peace and calmness to any listener. The beloved single “Rolling Back” is next, which leads into “Transcend”— an aptly-named blissful track perfect for easy listening. The EP is rounded out by the closing track “Epilogue,” which is another piano-driven track, with a classical, yet modern feel about it. 

“We really got into a deeper level on the production for this EP. We brought this weird piano into the studio during the lockdown and had a lot of time to really work on sounds and integrate the piano more into the tracks. We used the time in lockdown to really develop the studio and work with modular gear and synthesizers which had a great impact on the music you’ll hear.”  


Stream TWO LANES’ gorgeous new EP below.

TWO LANES – Reflections


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