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TWO LANES announce forthcoming EP on bitbird, release title track with ‘Reflections’

Berlin-based brothers Leo and Rafa Schmid, the duo that is TWO LANES, produce the kind of electronic music that is born from talent, experience, and education. One of the siblings, Rafa, is a classically trained pianist who studied at Julliard, while Leo focused on his interest in electronic music production. The result when the two came together is a piano-driven sound filled with analog synths, deep kicks, and melodic bass that brings the bliss into a soothing Sunday morning or the late-night into morning summer session. The creative fit to bitbird, the label headed by San Holo, the brotherly pair is set to release their Reflections EP on the imprint that is a natural fit for their sound.

The EP’s lead single, “Reflections,” reveals the scope of talent and musical awareness of the artists. As the title track of the forthcoming project, it’s a calming and reassuring track that adds more beauty and delicacy into this world through the marriage of live instruments, digitally produced bass, and classic analog synthesizers. The melodies produced individually by each rich segment combine to convey pure emotion, the last notes of the piano magically staying with the listener long after its last note is played.

“We really got into a deeper level on the production for this EP. We brought this weird piano into the studio during the lockdown and had a lot of time to really work on sounds and integrate the piano more into the tracks. We used the time in lockdown to really develop the studio and work with modular gear and synthesizers which had a great impact on the music you’ll hear.”


With “Reflections,” TWO LANES showcase their ability to reach into the dimension of sound, revealing the beauty to be found there. Take a moment to enjoy ‘Reflections’ and prepare for the EP that will hit digital retailers at the top of June.

“We look at the new EP as an extension of the ‘Lights EP’ which came out last year on bitbird. it’s about how a creative outcome can shape you emotionally, how you travel with your creative thoughts, and how this reflects on how you are as a person.”


TWO LANES’ Reflections EP will be available on June 3 via bitbird.

TWO LANES – “Reflections”


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