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Ganja White Night

Ganja White Night are utterly masterful on their new 4/20 album, ‘Dark Wobble’

Photo credit: OHDAGYO.

Belgian bass duo Ganja White Night (GWN) are back with vengeance to share their latest masterpiece, their full-length LP, titled Dark Wobble. Released on their stoner “high holy day” of 4/20, GWN’s cinematic album is far from your average bass music release. The aptly titled Dark Wobble LP features the darkest and weirdest wubs, collaborations with SubCarbon artists Boogie T and SubDocta, all while filling in the ever-evolving story of light versus darkness within the animated universe inspired by Ganja White Night and brought to life by Belgian graphic artist and naimator, My Name Is Ebo.

Dark Wobble is composed of ten tracks, seamlessly swirling through genre boundaries and shattering expectations of the norm, as GWN present their finest full album yet. Starting off with the intro track, into “Narnia,” which proves to be a standout track in the Dark Wobble era Ganja White Night created. It takes electronic music a step further by encompassing many different realms of music that usually are not paired; Middle Eastern orchestral flare is a staple heard throughout the piece. It politely invites the listener in, before blasting its energy with accompanying deep bass vibes and bad omens. 

There’s something different about the track “Trinity.” Slasher movie-esque, it brings out frightened goosebumps that diminishes slowly as the merciless bass builds. The menacing and cruel laugh that echoes in your head long after the last beat hits. Hail to the darkness, indeed. More upbeat than the first half of the album, “Black Lotus” brings around a fun side of Ganja White Night. The combined sounds deliver a circus fanfare-like experience while keeping the simplicity of the steady beat. It rouses the playfulness within you yet still, hidden beneath, bearing the overhanging intensely dark and heighted feels.

Riddim superstar Boogie T joins Ganja on this instrumental track. “X Roads” incorporates everything under the sun packed into five minutes. Sophisticated guitar work with complex percussions all wound together perfectly into a weirdly uplifting vocal piece. Not heard enough, violin chords infiltrate the still bass heavy piece to pull the listener up from its dark beat depths. Collectively, the single shows the versatile range of the duo as they push even further within the Dark Wobble album. “The Green Lab” almost feels as if it is a Lord of the Rings movie score with a touch of wobble-ness. A much-anticipated collaboration between GWN and SubDocta was finally fulfilled with this glitchy and orchestra-heavy piece. It’s commanding and conveys strength and steadfastness as you push for the antagonist to come out on top in the movie, with a side of dubstep.

2021 holds the promise of a monumental sold-out three-day event for Ganja White Night, as the duo recently revealed that they’d be performing three consecutive nights at the iconic Red Rocks in Denver. Wobble Rocks will take place on November 12 – 14. Each night has a different lineup of openers, and each GWN set will be different. More info on their site, here.

Ganja White Night – Dark Wobble LP

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