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Mark Knight

Mark Knight delivers 13-track collection of vocal house music on debut album, ‘Untold Business’

Toolroom Records founder and Grammy-nominated producer Mark Knight has delivered his new album, Untold Business, a 13-track collection of vocal house music which aims to inject a much-needed dose of meaning and longevity into the world of dance music.  

Mark Knight has gone back to his roots on his new album Untold Business, reprising the sounds  and records that made him the artist he is today. Diving through his extensive collection of  classic Funk, House, Soul and Disco records from the 1970s and 80s has provided the bedrock  for the album, which is an homage to the soulful, vocal-led house music that Mark first fell in  love with in the 90s.  

A criticism often leveled at some modern dance records is that they are highly disposable. As the barriers to both production and releasing records have lowered, house music has become saturated with countless tracks, some of which take mere hours to throw together and are forgotten even more quickly, while the never-ending treadmill of DJ gigs have forced even experienced producers into a cycle of producing purely functional records, with longevity and meaning barely considered.  

Step forward Mark Knight with a collection of meticulously crafted, positive, life-affirming records with a focus on real instrumentation and properly crafted songs that will stand the test  of time. Untold Business is the antithesis of the functional, cookie-cutter dance music that has become increasingly ubiquitous over the years, and it sounds absolutely glorious.  

Mark Knight – Untold Business LP

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