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sully malfunction ep

Sully brings heavy no-frills bass back to Wakaan on latest 4-track EP, ‘Malfunction’

Earlier in June, Sully returned to the release radar after a full year and a half with “Right About Now,” a bass party anthem featuring the talents of emcee Isaac Castor. Fast forward a couple of weeks and the Detroit producer, who runs under his given name of Christopher Sullivant, is blessing crowds once again with his latest EP offering. Out on Liquid Stranger’s Wakaan imprint, Malfunction is Sully’s all-original solo project meant to smash into your speakers.

Composed of four powerful and relentlessly booming tracks, Malfunction assures that Sully’s hiatus was well worth the wait. Sullivant says the four offerings are so starkly different from one another that’s it’s a bit of a “malfunction” to fit them together on one EP. In a press statement, Sully elaborates:

“The Malfunction EP is a culmination of 4 of my favorite tracks that I made during quarantine. Each one is VERY different from the others, hence the title malfunction. You get a little dubstep, experimental bass, house, and even trap. The reason why I chose the brand “sully” is because it’s literally my name and I didn’t want any limitations on what I could put out. I think there is a beautiful chaos in releasing all different genres of music while still having a distinct ‘sound’ that blankets your catalogue.”

– Sully

Using melodic undertones, guttural sound design, and woven textures, Sully’s Malfunction EP is a latticework of no-frills, left-field bass production. From the catchy sampling on “Bumps” and the high-stakes progressions on “Scorcher,” to the deadly drops and foreboding designs on “Vibrate” and title track “Malfunction,” Sully has proven once again that he’s a force-to-be-reckoned-with in the bass community.

Sully – Malfunction EP

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