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The Mr. Bill Podcast - Episode 94 - Peekaboo

PEEKABOO steps into The Mr. Bill Podcast to talk productivity in quarantine, owning imperfections, his Elixir alias, & more

When one ponders the top podcast shows in the EDM industry, Mr. Bill sits right at the top. The Mr. Bill Podcast has seen everyone from G-Space, Boreta, Mersiv, and Minnesota to deadmau5, ill. Gates and Mimi Page, and many more, joining the Australian left-field/IDM producer in the studio. For the show’s 94th episode, Mr. Bill invites Detroit-native PEEKABOO to chat over a range of topics—including productivity in quarantine, owning his imperfections in mixdowns, his melodic/hip-hop leaning side project Elixir, and much more.

Hot off the heels of announcing his massive 39-date Black Hole tour with star-studded support, PEEKABOO (real name: Matthew Lucas) comes into the studio after moving back home Detroit, Michigan from Los Angeles where he says he’s had an extremely productive quarantine. Sitting on around 100 tracks and doing regular Twitch streams, Lucas then speaks to his unique production style that he says he doesn’t really strive for perfection.

“100,000 plays is not success. The success is making the song that I am proud of making. That’s all that matters. That’s success to me.”

– Matthew Lucas, aka PEEKABOO

Speaking to his Elixir alias (37:52), Lucas describes how he became burnt out on writing heavy dubstep and wanted to try something new: “I started the side-project maybe a couple months ago because I was kind of getting tired of writing dubstep, not like ‘I hate it,’ but I kind of wanted to write… I don’t know what to call it… it’s kind of like hip-hoppy with a melodic aspect, stuff that is not PEEKABOO, it doesn’t sound like PEEKABOO in my opinion.”

He then describes how he originally called the project Alchemy and why he decided to change moniker to Elixir:

“It’s called Elixir. It was called Alchemy, then some really small artist with not really any recognition, he just messaged me and was really polite about it and was like ‘hey, I’ve been doing this for like six years,’ just trying to build his name, and I was like, you know I’ll change. I know how hard it is to be a new artist.”

– Matthew Lucas, aka PEEKABOO

When asked who his favorite artists are with under 5K Soundcloud followers PEEKABOO says: AVL from Dallas who he calls “sort of riddim-y,” along with a local Michigan guy named 58DUST who he compares to KOAN Sound.

In addition to Mr. Bill’s impeccable diction and word choice, extensive vocabulary, and ravishing Aussie accent, the show offers loads of great producing advice, intelligent discussions of cultural topics trending in the music industry, and tons of guests who are at the top of their game.

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The Mr. Bill Podcast – Episode 94 – Peekaboo


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