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Mimi Page & ill.Gates discuss sexual abuse, industry toxicity, and healing therapy on Mr. Bill Podcast

IDM pioneer and experimental bass tastemaker Mr. Bill seems to have a taste for all things Bassnectar. On his widely-listened-to podcast, the Sydney-based artist and host went in-depth with Mersiv on a hilariously pathetic (and rather accurate) tirade on Bassnectar’s cult fan following. It’s a fan community that is currently experiencing a major rift over the recent string of sexual abuse allegations made against Bassnectar (aka Lorin Ashton) for paying, grooming, and gaslighting minors and barely legal teenage women. How appropriate then that Mr. Bill would invite two of Bassnectar’s past collaborators, ill.Gates (aka Dylan Lane) and Mimi Page, on his 48th episode.

Both guests have been the most vocal advocates for the female victims during this coordinated take-down and fall from fame. Page was even so compelled to pen an open letter to Bassnectar opening space for his accountability while detailing his professional and financial abuse, along with his sexually-suggestive rhetoric.

In the podcast, ill.Gates gives personal and intimate details from his hindsight experience with Bassnectar, while Page reiterates much of what was already discussed in her poignant open letter. They speak to the hateful online Reddit communities that rose up sympathizing with Bassnectar, while angry bassheads doxed one of the victims named Rachel, revealing her address and encouraging gang stalking at her work and home. They also categorize Lorin Ashton as a narcissist with a god complex.

He [Bassnectar] is mentally not in a place of accountability, he’s not in a place of compassion, he’s not in a place of taking responsibility for his actions whatsoever. He’s just trying to manipulate his way out of prison.” – ill.Gates

ill.Gates details the professional abuse that he suffered at the hands of Bassnectar’s manipulation, including having two of his albums get axed last-minute on Bassnectar’s label, Amorphous Records. He talks about how damaging that was with his relationships with tour promoters all across the country. Lane also catalogs how Ashton called and told him that he was contemplating suicide, which caused the Producer Dojo helmer to go to bat for Lorin online over what he was being led to believe was a “smear campaign.”

He went around claiming to be this beacon of light and virtue and I don’t think he even realizes what he is doing. In his mind he wasn’t manipulative, he wasn’t greedy. He was just ‘playing the game.’ I think he really saw himself as an enlightened person and… a force for good in the world and his noble ends justified his messy means… and I think he does still truly believe that and that’s why he’s not taking responsibility and being compassionate to his victims and owning to his mistake. Like a classic narcissist, he believes he serves this higher purpose and that’s what makes it all okay.” – ill.Gates

ill.Gates even cries a few times on air, describing how he found himself in the fetal position crying over his daughter’s future and his complicit involvement in the culture and the scandal. Throughout, Mimi Page gives loads of useful therapeutic techniques (from breathwork to EMDR) as many seek the path to healing and confronting trauma head-on.

There’s just so much useful information packed into one podcast that you’ll have to listen to the full podcast for yourself. Much gratitude to Mr. Bill deserves for fostering a platform for bassheads who are all grieving in their own ways.

The Mr. Bill Podcast – Episode 48 – Mimi Page & ill.Gates


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