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Mimi Page pens heartfelt open letter to Bassnectar

The last few weeks have been illuminating for the Bassnectar community, as Lorin Ashton’s entire reputation as an artist and person has come under fire with multiple accounts of sexual misconduct and royalty theft. Following the creation of the @evidenceagainstbassnectar Instagram account, more of his past victims have felt that the time to finally come forward with their stories.

The most recent addition to the allegations has been a lengthy, passionate statement from one of Bassnectar’s musical collaborators, Mimi Page. Known for her vocals on “Butterfly” and “Breathless,” she wrote a statement to fans several weeks ago pledging to donate any proceeds from her collabs to sexual abuse survivors. Now, Page has penned a statement to Bassnectar himself, laying out her entire history and relationship with Ashton—from struggling to obtain proper royalties to inappropriate comments.

The post is titled, “An open letter to Lorin Ashton (Bassnectar) from Mimi Page: A call for true accountability, responsibility, and healing action on behalf of the music industry.”

“While I am processing my own feelings of anger, confusion, and disgust, I am also writing you from a place of love,” Page writes in her post. “Tough love, that stands for healing, integrity, and transformative justice. Principles you claimed to stand for as a leader in the music industry. This situation is devastating on so many levels because you’ve also created a lot of good in this world. You have inspired millions of people and played a pivotal role in our culture. You’ve provided a platform for so many independent artists to be heard, myself included. I am forever grateful to you for that. But with the platform you helped me build, I am now speaking out on it. My hope is that deep inside your soul, you can listen, learn, and take accountability with an open heart.”

In a true show of character, Page demonstrates compassion, empathy, and accountability while also emphasizing that healing and forgiveness can be possible in the future. Read her entire statement here.

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