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Mr. Bill & Mersiv give a hilariously accurate description of the Bassnectar fanbase [PODCAST]

For at least a decade, Mr. Bill has been known for his IDM-meets-experimental bass sound stamp. What the Aussie tastemaker is also becoming known for is his new hour-long podcast series, where he invites artists on to discuss music, industry trends, and the like. For the third installment of The Mr. Bill Podcast, Denver-based rising bass act Mersiv joins in the studio. Mersiv is a quite fitting guest considering how the two are currently on tour together, alongside Supertask, for Mersiv’s Beautiful & Filthy tour.

A little ways into the episode, Mr. Bill speaks of a friend who was trying to explain the Bassnectar scene to him:

It’s like a Dungeons & Dragons warlord who just knows all the fan fiction and all of the details about this game and every possible thing about this fucking thing but they’ve been doing ketamine for the last ten years. That’s what we’re dealing with here. I don’t know how accurate that is but I thought it was a pretty funny description.”

The two talk about Bassnectar’s wildly successful cult style following that has a formula for selling out events almost instantaneously, as observed by Mr. Bill when he played an unofficial NYE360 pre-party in Greensville this past year.

Mr. Bill then segways into how Mersiv gets a lot of flack for “trying” the Bassnectar thing, to which Mersiv responds: “Sometimes people knock on it a lot just cause I guess I have long hair and I do hip-hop mashed in with my electronic music, but it’s funny because I play mostly original music in my sets.”

The two then go into how Space Jesus also took some heat at the beginning of his career for having long hair. Mr. Bill even mentions that Bassnectar personally texted him about it. “Yea, it was pretty weird,” Mr. Bill laughs.

Mersiv then points out that everyone had long hair in the rock and metal scene. “They’re all ripping off Bassnectar,” jokes Mr. Bill.

Listen to the full episode of Mr. Bill’s Episode 3 podcast with Mersiv and fast forward to the nine minute mark to hear the two speak about Bassnectar and his fanbase.