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Minnesota & Luczid – Lattice/Sing Me To Sleep (neat. Mashup)

Today in tracks that completely flew under the radar, Minnesota and LUZCID have been given a nice mash-up treatment. The artist in question, Josh Lewis of Fort Collins, Colorado, runs around town under the name neat. Beyond that, not much is known about neat., other than the fact that he has a pretty sizeable SoundCloud following, along with a laundry list of superb mashups. This is one artist who is clearly starting out and who clearly has an ear for complementary tones and keys.

The mash-up track, which seamlessly blends Minnesota’s “Lattice” with LUZCID’s “Sing Me To Sleep,” was ripped from neat.’s Journey To Wakaan Mix. Amongst neat.’s other discography are mash-ups between Bassnectar and Seven Lions, Flume with ODESZA, The Widdler with Kid Cudi, and so many more.