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Minnesota pushes the boundary of his sound on two-track ‘Too Faced’ EP

When Minnesota releases new music, people start listening. The Bay Area veteran has become a true industry tastemaker and driver of bass music genre over the past several years. Yet, he hasn’t released an original project since 2018’s Curio EP. That all changes today with Minnesota’s new two-track EP, Too Faced, out now via Lowly.

The mini extended play serves as a short and titillating teaser of Minnesota’s production prowess. It’s also a stark reminder that we’ve missed the genre-pushing artist greatly. From the EP’s title track, “Too Faced,” with it’s glitchy breaks and smooth rap verses from Reks, to the robust and crisply arranged psybass stylings on “Lattice,” the new body of work adds true diversity to Minnesota’s forward-thinking discography. It’s a refreshing new direction that has true grit and gusto — one that leaves listeners wanting more.