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Walker & Royce don the first release from Diplo’s Higher Ground imprint with ‘Rave Grave’

One of electronic music’s modern day kingpins, Diplo, recently tapped into his roots by launching his own house-focused record label, Higher Ground. New York natives Sam Walker and Gavin Royce, creating under the alias Walker & Royce, are two highly in-demand powerhouses in the house music scene. In a characteristically astute move, Diplo has chosen to kickstart his fresh record label catered to these four-on-the-floor beats with the release of this blazing duo’s new two-track EP titled Rave Grave.

In an interview earlier this year, Diplo stated, “the genre has always been incredibly important to me, and Higher Ground is our homage to the legends and opportunity to champion new sounds and artists from around the world pushing the genre forward.” Already the boss of the fabled Mad Decent label, he will no doubt seek to capitalize on his enormous influence in the music world to further this goal.

The two songs on the piece titled “Rave Grave” and “The Bizness” are synchronistic in true Walker & Royce fashion. They flow together seamlessly, with sassy dark vocals in each track that balance out the high hats and whirlwind synths. The EP offers both an original version and an extended version of both tracks for the listeners who can’t stop dancing. It’s easy to say Rave Grave sets the bar high for all future house projects being released on Diplo’s Higher Ground.

H/T: Variety