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Descend deep into ‘Cavern Dub’ on SubDocta and Shlump’s tasty low-end wobble snack

Did SubDocta & Shlump just create an entirely new left-field offspring within the wierd and wonderful world of Wakaan?

Four years ago, SubDocta released an unofficial remix of Shlump’s “Hip Squeak.” Now, the two notorious bass music talents collide on Wakaan Records for their first-ever collaborative single, “Cavern Dub.” Droplets from crystal stalactites descend into the mystical, dubby water currents. Producing a veil of ethereal reggae wobbles, “Cavern Dub” takes listeners on an expedition to the deepest depths of the bass chamber.

SubDocta says the collaboration effort was long overdue,

“Shlump and I have been friends for years. We met through the local Reno/Tahoe scene playing small festivals and what not. He’s a good homie, and once the pandemic hit, we were really able to put some time into a tune!

– SubDocta

Making his grand Wakaan family entrance last December, SubDocta (aka Preston Charles) has only continued to bring his deliciously wonky talents to the studios. Preston Charles carried the momentum of his Christmas-time debut right into 2021 with his Crystals & Kombucha EP, which landed this past May. “Cavern Dub” provides but a thirsty little preview of the kind of energy that is to still come from SubDocta’s next EP project on Wakaan, and by the sounds of things, this one is going to raise the bar by multiple counts.

The pair may have just coined a new genre called “Cavern Dub” with their brand new Wakaan drip.

Heavily steeped in crisp, clean production techniques, an expert sense of control and timing, and those signature SubDocta dubstep wobbles that are reminiscent of his SubCarbon days, “Cavern Dub” is subdued, craftily layered, and “oh-so-warm and ooey, gooey” like a creamy mac-and-cheese. Although this newest track is a bit of a departure from Shlump’s “alien bass music” stamp, his production marks are clear in how he has his way with slowing down the track.

“I think it really showcases both of our styles!” 

– SubDocta

Originally debuting on Waakan back in its early 2016 heydays, “Cavern Dub” marks Shlump’s first Wakaan sighting in more than a year. Not since 2019’s UNIVERSAL WUB, a collaborative EP with LSDREAM, has Michael Petzel circled back around to his home label. However, as any parent would say of their prodigal college-aged son, “they always come back home, don’t they?”

Wakaan hasn’t yet unveiled the title and release date for SubDocta’s incoming EP, but for now this grandmaster pairing between one of Wakaan’s oldest players and one of its newest recruits will surely calcify the pineal gland until the times comes. Chances are, fans will have “Cavern Dub” on repeat for weeks.

SubDocta, Shlump – Cavern Dub [WAK165]

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