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LSDREAM & Shlump unlock the secrets of the universe on 4-track collaborative masterpiece, ‘Universal Wub’ [EP REVIEW]

Arguably the biggest duo to come out the wildly successful Wakaan wheelhouse is Shlump and the man known formerly as Brillz, LSDREAM. Never mind the fact that its a statement which easily be debunked, what with a talent roster that houses duetted releases from Liquid Stranger and Ganja White Night, PEEKABOO and G-REXMersiv and Laika BeatsLUZCID and Champagne Drip, Space Jesus and Digital Ethos, rising NOLA duo sfam, and too many more to possibly name.

Now LSDREAM and Shlump have made a case for exactly why they are the latest, greatest, and most-inspired creative team to come out of the weird and wonderful world of Wakaan. Introducing: the highly-anticipated UNIVERSAL WUB EP, a four-track journey through sound wave vibrations, space-time travel, meta-narratives of positivity and love, and some downright dirty bass lines.


Taken as a whole, UNIVERSAL WUB plays with themes of spirituality, consciousness, the AI-organic life delineation, and universally-taken truths, or scientific “truths” we know to be self-evident. When taken as the sum of its parts, the EP simply refuses. That is to say, the project isn’t merely a collection of tracks thrown together into one extended-play package. It’s a one-way ticket journey into the higher dimensional experience.

From the tribal tones and glistening synths of EP’s opening title track, to the glitchy uptempo, electro-synths, and beautiful Sarah Hudson-assisted vocals on “STARCHILD,” its impossible to not feel like one is strapped to a spaceship blasting full-speed into the outer edges of the universe.

Then comes “R.A.V.E.,” a soundscape littered with abrasive wobbles, atmospheric breaks, and an enlightening outro that inspires and heals. It is here where one has broken the time-space barrier, exploring wormhole rifts in the mind and finding peace within the self.

Finally, listeners arrive at the goopy low-tempo and cinematic horns of the EP’s closing track, “ORGANISM.” The track symbolizes a spaceship’s final decent, easing and grounding listeners back to earth where they can take lessons learned from their interstellar travels into the “real world.”

Suffice it to say, the overall UNIVERSAL WUB listening experience will leave listeners feeling as if they’ve purchased a flight to portions of the multi-verse that humans simply cannot comprehend. Certainly, the pair explore realms that science hasn’t yet discovered. In any case, what LSDREAM and Shlump have done is unlocked the secrets of the universe. The music is the portal way, the artists themselves are the key. It’s merely up to the listener to decide whether to open the door.

The EP coincides with LSDREAM and Shlump’s dual-headlining tour by the same name, which dons a supporting talent roster that reads like a Who’s Who in wonky bass music. Depending on the city, fans can catch opening sets from Digital EthosDMVU, INZOMystic GrizzlyStylust, Dorfex BosSayer, and more.

Stream the four-track UNIVERSAL WUB EP, out now via Wakaan, below.