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The Glitch Mob & 1788-L release highly-anticipated single, ‘Momentary Lapse’

The Glitch Mob has been using the month to roll out their collaborative releases with burgeoning bass stars impacting the scene. Following colossal singles with two heavy up-and-comers, LICK and ZEKE BEATS, the globally-renowned electronic music veterans have returned to round out the series with rising Dallas-based act, 1788-L.

“It’s been a blast for us this year to focus on working with younger artists that we are super into,” said The Glitch Mob in a press statement. “We felt a creative synergy with 1788-L ever since we first heard his music. We asked him to remix ‘Disintegrate Slowly’ from our last album and after hearing that we knew we had to create something fresh together.”

“Momentary Lapse” is a heavy-hitting blend of stylized gritty electro house and is now available on Glass Air Records. Pulsing with analog synths, the track provides an enigmatic chord progression that subtly draws the listener in before cascading into an experimental glitch-infused bass line. “Momentary Lapse” lends itself an atmosphere of sonic obscurity, no doubt a mark left from 1788-L himself.

( T G M ) W A S / A N / A B S O L U T E / P L E A S U R E 
T O / W O R K / W I T H –
> T H E / S O N G / W R O T E / I T S E L F – 1788-L

Much like its predecessors, “Momentary Lapse” delivers an effortless fusion of each producers’ signature soundscapes, paving a crossroad between the rising mid-tempo bass sensation and legendary bass outfit. Now that the month is complete, bass music fans have a trifecta of menacing collaborations to guide them through fall.

Check out the visualizer for “Momentary Lapse” and stream the track below.