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Space Jesus & Digital Ethos – Gang Fire

Space Jesus has been called the “bass messiah” by Bassrush. Digital Ethos, whose recent collaboration with Bassnectar has quickly amassed him a sizable following, is a newcomer who fuses minimalist dubstep with a West Coast bass sound design. Both are masters of the experimental bass category, with Jedi-like senses for moving their crowd slow and low to the ground. So it was only a matter of time before the two joined forces on a weird and wonderful space bass project.

Dubbed the Mars EP, out June 15 on WAKAAN, the two-track EP flaunts the unabashedly experimental sound that Liquid Stranger’s imprint is famous for. Packed with meticulous sound designs, chunky drums, and earth-shattering bass lines, the Mars EP blends the signature styles of the two producers to mind-blowing effect. Space Jesus and Digital Ethos elevate the listener to sonic planes unknown with the Mars EP — driving forward a diverse soundscape that touches down on territories previously unchartered in the bass world.

Ahead of their highly anticipated EP, the two artists have shared one of their two newest tracks, “Gang Fire,” which sees it’s 24-hour exclusive window on Dancing Astronaut. Upon the song’s opening, listeners are caught mid-landing on some alien planet with the use of heavy, hydraulic synths and ragga voice samples. The track remains minimal throughout, reminding listeners to stay a while and explore the rest of the forthcoming body of work, which is not only technically incredible, but far beyond the boundaries of the musical imagination.

Space Jesus and Digital Ethos’ Mars EP lands tomorrow, June 15 on WAKAAN.