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Ganja White Night & Liquid Stranger Jungle Juice music video

Ganja White Night and Liquid Stranger combine elements on austere downtempo track, ‘Jungle Juice’ [WATCH]

Two moguls in bass music have officially joined forces. Ganja White Night has combined their wobbly line of tribal riddim with Liquid Stranger‘s weird and wonderful left-field bass. The result is an austere new downtempo track out now on both artists independent labels, SubCarbon and Wakaan, respectively.

The track, “Jungle Juice,” is stunningly smooth journey that focuses all its energy purely on the sound design. There are no distractions with big-time basslines or heavy drops. It’s merely a negotiation of mature artistic styles that are comfortable in knowing when to back off and let the other shine. Even in the build to the first drop, the track leads listeners to believe something huge is coming — but then, rather unexpectedly, drops deep into low-tempo riddim terrain. The whole track maintains this ethos, taking listeners for a meditative ride in the jungle and, all the while, offering proof that dubstep can be simultaneously substantive, organic, and chill.

Of course, the music video animations aren’t too shabby themselves, thanks to the-one-and-only Ebo. Fans can always count on the prolific animator, whose responsible for Ganja White Night’s visual dimension, to bring songs to life on the screen.

Ganga White Night and Liquid Stranger both have busy road schedules lined up for fall. Both will be kicking things off at Excision’s third annual Lost Lands at the end of the month. Liquid Stranger then begins prepping for his first-ever Wakaan Festival in October, while Ganja White Night embarks on their massive The One tour, during which time the Belgian duo is said to be releasing their next album.