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LUZCID and Champagne Drip kick off co-headlining tour with ‘Double Vision’

Coming off an incredible weekend of performances at Dancefestopia, both LUZCID and Champagne Drip delivered earth-shattering sets during the festival’s official Wakaan takeover. Now the two label heavyweights are taking to the road together with a series of road stops that culminate in both producers’ Wakaan Festival debut next month.

In honor of the tour, which just kicked off last weekend in Salt Lake, the pair have come together to release a solid collaboration in “Double Vision.”  This track is packed full of heavy dub with an underlying whimsical melody while the drops are hypnotic and full of energy. Technically sound, and thematically profound, LUZCID says the song actually has a deeper meaning:

“‘Double Vision’ is all about duality. The title has two meanings in itself. Vision not only represents what we physically see, but it also is the idea or creative plan we work toward manifesting. We wanted to create a piece of music that accurately captured our vision for the tour this fall,” says LUZCID about the track.

“We have both been known to combine hypnotic melody with high-energy bass design and an affinity for the old school dubstep anthems. We combined distinct characteristics of our signature styles that are woven together under a common theme. We are super happy with the end result and cannot wait to share it with you!”

To pair with the new release, LUZCID and Champagne Drip have just started out on a co-headlining tour by the same name. The tour is scheduled to hit multiple cities throughout the U.S. until the end of the year.