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Hedron - Friction - Wubaholics Premiere

Wubaholics favorite Hedron slips into more label action with eclipsing hypnotic bass ‘Friction’ [Premiere]

Photo courtesy of Hedron/Wubaholics.

Randy Alexander is not just another a Michigan-based dubstep producer attempting to strike big. Sure, he is aiming for those things under his bass-heavy musical alias Hedron, and he’s succeeding in a state known for its incredible emerging underground talent. But for Alexander, music has been a part of his life from a young age when he started with a fluto-phone in fourth grade, followed by the violin, and eventually the guitar. His life-long love of instruments led Alexander to want to be a composer, so he made the huge creative leap that led to his Hedron project. Upon purchasing a laptop and creating in FL Studio 12, Alexander fell hard and deep into bass music production.

Gaining national attention as a SpicyBoi and collaborating alongside MeSo and the gang, Hedron has been switching lanes lately. As one of Wubaholics‘ favorite newcomers, as deemed by the label’s Facebook fan group, this reformed SpicyBoi has already given these recovering bass addicts three gifts to help fuel their inevitable relapse: via a Wubaholics Anonymous mix, a collaborative track with Koto called “Signal,” and his Wubaholics premiere in “Turnip.”

Coming back to the Wubaholics release radar for his fourth time in half a year, Hedron now delivers his third original single under the heavy bass banner with “Friction.” Clocking in at almost five minutes, “Friction” is a hypnotic bass cut fueled by its frenetic energy, amazing arp-like melodies on the top notes, feverish synths, gritty basslines, and drops that’ll inspire some biting bass-face and sideways get-down appeal.

The track was inspired off of a YouTube video, Hedron tells CE exclusively. He continues,

“It was a documentary based on 1940s era space travel and physics. I thought it would be fun to make something revolving around that and created what I’d like to say is a story. These synths were also created to “sound like a form of friction”

– Hedron

Hedron’s diverse music taste has largely influenced his sound as a producer, ranging from big band to rock, classical to rap, soul to metal, and of course, electronic music. His inspirations are Liquid Stranger, Vide, Eazybaked, MeSo, Keota, great dane, Brightside and VCTRE. If you ask him what kind of music he makes he would say “a hybrid of big band swing, old-school hip hop flow, and synthetic sounding dance music.”

Listen to Hedron’s third official Wubaholics release below, exclusively via Conscious Electronic!

Hedron – Friction [Conscious Electronic Premiere]

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