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Biicla continues carving out his own niche genre of eclectic future pop with new 4-track ‘Outside’ EP

Russian multi-instrumentalist, singer-songwriter and producer Biicla may be well known in his extremely small town in Russia called Labytnangi with its population of less than 30,000. While he’s had success in Russia, Biicla has only recently begun to make waves in the US with his unique and irresistibly catchy international brand of future bass mixed with house music influences. He now continues to generate buzz in dance music circles because Biicla has just delivered his latest project, titled Outside, a four-track extended play that draws on influences from house, future bass, and hip-hop.

Out now via Young Art Records, the Outside EP is the next chapter of a story he started with his debut project No Place EP in 2019. It’s a story of self-discovery; from unknown in a remote land, to finding his passion for music production, perfecting that craft, thus achieving purpose and ultimately success. It’s a sonic reflection of his own personal journey that he hopes can inspire others. The EP features Biicla’s vocals for the first time ever, and it’s no small feat for him expressing himself in a language he’s only recently learned. Biicla says of the project,

“In this EP, I use my own signature style, but the special thing about this release is that for the first time I share my thoughts and experiences with you in the text. Do not take liberation as a revelation, in it I am talking about the image of a person in which there is something of me, and there are details that I have invented. This is my next experiment, another adventure, relax, listen and have fun.” 

– Biicla

The EP opens with the introspective musings of “This Is All My Own,” which builds from gentle guitar strums to full-on synth stabs, fusing indie-rock with future bass. On the EP’s title track, Biicla lets his synths convey his emotions, an instrumental track revolving around a distorted vocal that feels both melancholic and triumphant. On “Not Enough,” he croons about following passions and breaking the monotony of routines, and finally on “Getting High” he espouses the virtues of remaining positive in the face of adversity, a familiar message for many as we begin to re-engage with the world after a period of social hibernation.

Biicla announced the EP back in May, announcing the project with it’s first single “Getting High”, a moody house-meets-hip-hop track that included a music video shot from Biicla’s home in Northern Russian. In June he dropped the title track, “Outside,” which set the table for the impending EP.

On the heels of the EP release, Biicla looks forward to making his US debut at HARD Summer in Southern California on August 1. He’ll also be supporting TOKiMONSTA on a handful of US tour dates in the fall, including stops in Seattle, Washington DC and New York City.

Biicla – Outside EP

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