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Tripp St. debut live set at VOYAGE

MUST LISTEN: Tripp St. releases his full debut live set from CloZee’s VOYAGE

Ever since Tripp St. released his debut mix back in May of 2020, the new kid on the block had everyone asking, “Who is Tripp St.?” CloZee was also left wondering, which led the tribal bass queen to snatch up the promising rising star for her newly-launched imprint, Odyzey Music. Keep in mind, this was all during a worldwide lockdown that completely shut down live shows; but ever since, Tripp St. has positioned himself as the label’s brightest shining star.

After releasing his debut album on Odyzey, CloZee even gave Tripp St. his first major stage slot at her Wyoming-based curated event, VOYAGE, during which time he delivered his debut set to an audience of tribal-bass loving music fanatics. He was an instant crowd favorite, playing his usual masterful blend of funk-fueled bass with precision and the technical expertise usually reserved for a veteran producer. “I couldn’t have asked for a better place to debut,” he said following his performance.

“Huge shout out to Clozee and Odyzey for bringing me out to the very first Voyage event. Enjoy my debut live set!”

– Tripp St.

Now Tripp St. has rebirthed his ear-catching debut live performance in the form of an hour-long, journey-filled mix that promises to transport listeners straight back in space-time to The Chinook at Terry Bison Ranch, the grounds that hosted the dreamlike VOYAGE weekend. Complete with emotional peaks and valleys, glistening twists and shattering turns, incredible live scratching, and undulating bass that’ll speak to the soul, Tripp St. continually leaving fans speechless.

If nothing else, the live set re-recording proves that Tripp St. is here to stay. Listen in full below.

Tripp St. – Debut Set at Odyzey’s Voyage

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