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Bass Physics’ ‘Our Memory’ gives fans a second captivating glimpse into his forthcoming ‘Disillusion’ LP

Denver-based beat maker and highly skilled instrumentalist Arja Adair recently announced his debut album since taking the Bass Physics project solo. Adair is calling the LP, Disillusion, perhaps appropriately so too given the artistic and spiritual backstory each track is revealing of Adair’s career journey. Following his unveiling of the LP’s first single “Every Lonely Day,” Bass Physics now unleashes his second album track in “Our Memory.”

Promising to take listeners on a nostalgic journey, Bass Physics elaborated on the meaning behind the track in press statement:

“I wanted to take myself back to all the amazing memories I have made during the last 10 years of Bass Physics. To all my incredible fans that have been there from the start, and to all my friends and family that have supported me through it all… thank you so much for encouraging me to keep making music.”

– Bass Physics

Beginning with a pensive piano melody before quickly dropping into a cascade of beats, “Our Memory” serves as a work of reflection through which Bass Physics offers listeners an emotional perspective on his growth as an artist. As the song progresses, the tune marries Adair’s instrumental skill with his penchant for chilled out gritty production. Ultimately, “Our Memory” allows Bass Physics to properly introduce his solo sound to listeners, offering up a melodic retelling of where Bass Physics has been and where he intends to go. 

“I hope ‘Our Memory’ can bring healing vibes and positive energy to a world seemingly in chaos.”

– Bass Physics

Stream “Our Memory” and watch the visualizer, below.

Bass Physics – Our Memory

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