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Enthusiasm EP Dirtybird

Claude VonStroke and Walker & Royce showcase their ‘Enthusiasm’ on brazenly buoyant 2-track EP

Walker & Royce have been a part of the Dirtybird flock for half a decade now, since Claude VonStroke picked up the pair for what eventually became a close-knit partnership. Though the two acts have worked alongside each other for years, they had yet to put their chemistry to the test in the studio. Now, however, that moment has arrived—and it is with great “Enthusiasm” that the three birds present their first-ever joint operation. 

Enthusiasm kicks off with a title track designed for the club. Equipped with ardent vocals from Vonstroke, it gets bodies moving with off-kilter sound effects, buzzing synths, and a touch of acid. The EP dives into the deep end with “The End Of The Lime,” whose minimal instrumentation and pops of vocals proves that sometimes, less is more. Both sides of ‘Enthusiasm’ embody the polished production chops fans have come to know from the artists, while fitting snugly into the label’s catalog. 

Claude VonStroke and Walker & Royce have spent the last year keeping the party alive for fans in a time when they couldn’t meet on the dancefloor. Through their Twitch channels DIRTYBIRD TV and It’s Good TV, they kept match fit for the return of events by supplying weekly sets to living rooms everywhere. Releases like the adventurous Oh EP in June, Claude’s viral pandemic hit “I’m Solo,” and Walker & Royce’s “Need2Freek” showcased different facets of their aural personalities. With Enthusiasm, the producers officiate their grand entrance back into the real-life club space. 

Claude VonStroke x Walker & Royce – Enthusiasm EP

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