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Sylph - Labrynth (Premiere)

Sylph unveils silky, sauntering psybass track ‘Labyrinth’ from her ‘Snakeskin’ EP [Premiere]

With a focus on the fascination with the overlapping concepts between serpent energy (Kundalini) and aspects of the central nervous system and psychology, Emily Thaler lives in the nominal space. As the eclectic mind behind the Sylph project, the rising bass artist has crafted a hauntingly beautiful new tale within the ever-changing tides of bass music culture.

Sylph is on the cusp of releasing her Snakeskin EP with the legendary tribal bass imprint, Shanti Planti who have housed tracks from artists such as Soulacybin, Somatoast, BioLumigen, Mindex and more. To mark the occasion, the Northern California-based producer now delivers her conscious chameleon of a track, “Labyrinth,” a record which is finding its home amongst her peers.

Forged in the fires of personal liberation and metamorphosis, this track features slithery, sauntering bass-experimentation that places storytelling on the pedestal of creative focus while conveying the cryptic sides of the human experience with astute precision. We got a chance to sit down with Sylph who had some words to say about the release process for this EP:

“I went through a lot of life changes during the writing process for this EP and each track was propelled by going deeper into my body, my nervous system, and staying with the sensations. I knew I wanted this music to find a home at Shanti Planti, so I immediately sent Antoine aka Land Switcher the EP for consideration. He loved it and sent it to the rest of the collective for a vote. I was over the moon when they accepted it! The premieres were somewhat similar. The process has helped me to develop new friendships and an awesome support network of people, which I’m truly grateful for. As for future endeavors, I don’t want to get specific but… there are some exciting show announcements I’m sitting on. Also my next EP is underway, with a bit of a different sound that I’m very very stoked on.”


Saturated with sonic delight and synthesized from the complexities of human psychology, “Labyrinth” will surely stand the test of time within conscious-bass music communities across the globe. With a hope that these songs can reach others in the same way, Sylph focuses on the concepts of moving through pain, attuning with the nervous system, and ultimately transmuting the darkness within.

Following the release of the track, Sylph teamed up with the visual artist Burt Vera Cruz on Instagram to create an exclusive NFT that can be found here that pairs Sylph’s track with his visuals called Entheogenisis, be sure to check it out as well as the full track below.

Fusing ethereal soundscapes and layered aural metaphors, Sylph brings a beacon of light to the ever-growing darkness that can be harbored within. Following premieres from our friends at The Untz and Headbang Society on Sylph’s four-track EP, we at Conscious Electronic could not be more excited to help with unveiling this track for an artist making such distinct waves within the music industry.

The full EP is out now on Bandcamp.

Sylph – Labrynth [Conscious Electronic Premiere]

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