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TRUTH takes a deep dive into ambient darkness, shine bioluminescent on fifth studio LP, ‘Acceptance’ [Album Review]

TRUTH is truly living up to their name. Certified mainstays of New Zealand’s electronic music scene and the godfathers of the dark dubstep movement that is spreading virally across the globe, these true champions of sound have been slowly building to their latest full-length project. In the process, the Kiwi duo has implanted a deep sense of anticipation within their fan base that could hardly be contained any longer.

After teasing out two celebrated lead singles “Pages” and “Acceptance,” the lid finally comes off on Acceptance, TRUTH’s first studio album deliverance in over four years. What’s been unveiled is a real “can of worms,” to be completely truthful.

The 13-track release, which is flying under the formidable Deep Dark & Dangerous (DD&D) banner, has finally massaged out the pinched nerves of anticipation from countless rabid dubstep fans across the world. Joining the two leading tracks are a series of eloquent, enticing tracks that lure listeners into their deep web of bass.

Only this time, they’ve taken a turn towards the ambient. Yet, not in the elated, light-hearted sense that many might categorize the genre on its surface. Quite the opposite, in fact. These Kiwi dub-kingpins pursue ambience in search of a deep, dark, and downward direction. It’s a cavernous dive into the abyss, although once arriving, we’re greeted with the same ephemeral sense of bliss.

It’s no secret, TRUTH has long possessed the uncanny knack for being all at once gritty and eloquent, as well as heavy and hypnotic. On their fifth studio album, however, TRUTH has opted away from the usual “danger ahead” sonic imprints that they’ve pioneered over the years. It’s all in favor of a more melodious, downtempo—and yet equally foreboding—journey that melds classical instrumentation with contemporary electronic elements and sounds.

Speaking the LP, the pair revealed the following on their newest sonic venture:“We’ve been working on this for the past year or so throughout the pandemic, sending files back and forth from the US to NZ,” they said.

“It’s definitely one of our deeper pieces of work, more of a melodic journey, something to listen to from start to finish.”


Combining their razor sharp synchronization and innovative flair, and leading listeners through lush bass lines, eerie rhythms, and vintage synths, TRUTH’s 13-track opus is a dreamlike excavation of the self.

From the blissful abyss of tracks like “Little Sadness” or the energizing progressions of “Sacred,” to the stringed harp-filled ballad, “Something Missing,” or the twinkling top lines and catatonic tempos of “Unlearn,” Acceptance will take you into the nominal space.

From the start, this journey-embarking project is truly unescapable in its sense of captivation—and alluring all the way to the finish. Felt on the body and deep down into the bones, listeners won’t soon leave without a feeling of truthful Acceptance as these masterful compositions force deep reflection, turning inward, and confronting one’s own darkness.

A psychedelic musing made up of kaleidoscope sound, on the one hand, and a downtrodden lullaby that will sing you to sleep on the other, Acceptance is a cornerstone project that has TRUTH genuinely living up to their name.

Stream TRUTH’s fifth studio album, Acceptance, below on your preferred streaming platform.

TRUTH – Acceptance LP


Sonic architects of songs with an emotional heft as heavy as the subwoofer rupturing bass lines that underpin their work, TRUTH are one of New Zealand’s finest creative exports. Respected across the globe since inception, TRUTH have, as both world-class producers and party-rocking DJs, cut a clear pathway through the international dubstep scene.

A force both on the stage and in-studio, TRUTH have long proven themselves as some of the most forward thinking tastemakers of the contemporary electronic music. Successful in their original productions, dance-floor moving sets, and in running their own label imprint, Deep Dark & Dangerous (DD&D), TRUTH stands as the indisputable bastions of deep, dark dubstep. Launched in 2013, TRUTH’s club-night-turned-record-label has grown from dark, dingy corners into a revered imprint which houses over 50 signed artists, 80+ releases, and a mounting list of globally in-demand touring acts

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