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Champagne Drip smashes into Wakaan for another resilient EP blast off with 5-track offering, ‘Champagne Trip’

Champagne Drip’s much-anticipated Champagne Trip EP has just made its UFO landing on Wakaan. After the explosive announcement of a 50+ date North American tour, closely trailed by the surprise release of lead single “In My Dreamz” with LINNEY, the five-track short player actually arrived early for a deliciously bass-dosed treat for all those willing to embark on the space ship ride into dubstep, trap, and left-field bass.

Composed of three more solo productions and one ear-shuttering collaboration with PIERCE, Champagne Trip arrives right on time before the Los Angeles producer (named Sam Pool at birth) embarks on his accompanying tour the next week. Beginning with the heavy launcher of a track in “Initiate,” Champagne Trip ventures back and forth between melodic and impenetrably heavy, as seen on “Acid Trip” and “Slam,” which feels a bit like an ode to G Jones’ genre-defining sound.

The EP project then begins its decent, which hardly feels like a decent by all definitional senses of the term. As “Technosexual” rounds off the EP, an upbeat techno beat laces the track as Pool’s drops give way to heavy, head-banging dubstep. For all intents and purposes, this one feels like a track that was made especially to play out at Lost Lands or Bass Canyon. In spite of its given title, Champagne Trip is anything but trippy; instead venturing toward the melodic, heavy, and experimental.

Stream Champagne Trip below, out now on Wakaan Records.

Champagne Drip's 'Champagne Trip' EP via Wakaan

Champagne Drip – Champagne Trip EP

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About Champagne Drip

Champagne Drip, the newest musical incarnation of Los Angeles-based producer Sam Pool, was born out of a philosophy that innovation springs from inspiration. Pool had carved out a unique place for himself in the bass music community; performing under the moniker of SPL for over 10 years and releasing drum & bass, dubstep, and trap-oriented music on respected labels such as Barcode, Tech Itch, Evol Intent, Sub Human, Rottunn, and SMOG Recordings. SPL’s music was fully immersed in sound design, a musical landscape comprised of melodic, dark, and refined touches.

By the Summer of 2014, Pool came to the realization that he had pushed the SPL project to its sonic boundaries and in order to evolve musically, he would need a new project to explore lighter textures and richer melodies. Rooted in jungle and bass music and built around elements of blippy 8-bit sounds, arpeggios, and lush 80s synths, Champagne Drip launched as a decidedly tropical and uplifting sounding project. Operating at first in anonymity, Champagne Drip made a big splash thru the release of official remixes of Bassnectar (Amorphous Music) and Elliphant (Mad Decent). Shortly thereafter, he released his debut EP “Radio Bikini” on Mad Decent in September of 2014. 

Widely known for his sonic concoctions of diverse textures and rich melodies swathed in his decidedly uplifting project, Champagne Drip is set to continue skyrocketing upon a purely upwards trajectory. Consistently pulling inspiration from his surrounding environment, his sound is an ever-evolving source that naturally inspires others in turn.

While several locations are yet to be announced, the Champagne Trip tour begins on August 13 in Fort Lauderdale and ends on December 18 in Fargo. Other cities in this 50+ date tour include Orlando, New Orleans, Houston, Boston, among other major cities. Many stops feature direct support from WAKAAN talents such as DMVU, Jaenga, MIZE, Sully, or VEIL. Champagne Drip will also be making stops at events and festivals such as Lost Lands, Nocturnal Wonderland, Imagine Festival, REZZ ROCKS and more.

You can learn more about the Champagne Trip Tour and purchase tickets on Champagne Drip’s website.

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