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Feed Me makes a ‘Reckless’ return with the lead single + music video to his upcoming self-titled album

The track is “Reckless,” which sees Feed Me enlist his favorite female vocalist Tasha Baxter for the lead single to his fourth studio LP, out August 13 on his Sotto Voce imprint.

Reemerging for his first release on the year, British born DJ, producer, and multi-talented artist Feed Me returns with the lead single off his forthcoming Feed Me LP, slated for August 13. The single is entitled “Reckless” and it features none other than South African singer-songwriter Tasha Baxter on vocals.

The track takes listeners through a captivating journey from beginning to end. “Reckless” is a futuristic synth-pop masterpiece that is just oozing with colorful and textured synths. Tasha Baxter’s spacious and emotive vocals drive the track into an engaging and novel soundscape. Paired with Feed Me’s masterful production, listeners are primed to be taken to a euphoric world, full of beautiful instrumentation. The cinematic masterpiece serves as a first listen into what Feed Me has to offer in his fourth studio album, which follows High Street Creeps (2019), Calamari Tuesday (2013), and Feed Me’s Big Adventure (2010), respectively.

“Reckless is a lockdown story reimagined as escapist fantasy, and a chapter in a diary of recalibration,” Feed Me elaborates on the record. The single was created with driving in mind, highlighting the idea of a journey without a final destination, a trip with the sole purpose of escaping everyday life. He continues,

Severed from a strange but familiar lifestyle, in isolation sanctuary can begin to feel like confinement. Sat in a car without a journey, left to feed off only memories while fears and paranoia become personified.

– Feed Me

With the release of his lead single, Feed Me gives listeners a taste of what his forthcoming LP has in store, which he alludes to composing during the much-needed inward time that the lockdown brought about over the past year. “Being able to prioritize creativity during crisis is a privilege, so if you’re reading this; thank you,” writers Jon Gooch, the man behind the rambunctious little green moniker. “Next week’s album is a segment of a larger body of work totaling how I made use of the time you’ve all given me. I hope as it unfolds, you think I used it well.”

“Reckless” also comes paired with a music video produced by Feed Me himself, featuring his likeness cruising through the streets of London. Stream and watch the official music video below, available now on all streaming platforms via Sotto Voce

Feed Me – Reckless feat. Tasha Baxter

About Feed Me

Fitting in within the current world of electronic music might be something most producers have usually figured out after a decade plus on the scene, but for British born DJ/ producer Jon Gooch, fitting in has never been much of a priority. Moving through genres as Feed MeSpor, and Seventh Stitch, Jon has given himself the freedom to become whatever he wants to be, and create as he sees fit.   

Jon’s path into production was largely self-taught, playing with software in a spare room of his family home, whilst working as an online graphic designer. Gooch’s passion for the visual art medium is still present across his various projects, as he continually goes about designing the artwork for all of his projects, including Feed Me’s infamous green monster.  

Never shy of testing his creative limits, Jon and his many aliases continues to grow and evolve— “otherwise why the fuck am I here,” as Gooch puts so succinctly. With the new album and his immersive live shows marking a clear, mature musical evolution for the producer, Jon can continue to look forward to the future, as can his fans. 

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