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Zon Snake - via Ditto Promotional

Emerging electro-pop artist Zon’ releases seductive debut single, ‘Snake’

Emerging onto the scene with a fresh release and persona, Zon is no stranger to the music industry. Previously playing in a metal band for two years, the Taiwanese singing talent fuses together elements from trap, pop, midtempo, and screamo to create a brand new flavor of electronic music that is dark and seductive like REZZ. 

‘Snake’ is the debut single from new electronic pop project Zon’. Filled with intense electronic textures, ‘Snake’ is industrial and almost tribal in its sound. ‘Snake’ is a collaboration with Taiwanese DJ Dusa, who brought the Dubstep elements to the track. Zon’ says that the track is about the most human of all feelings; desire. This debut single is sure to have a massive impact, and we can’t wait to see what comes next!

Since leaving the metal scene, Zon’ has had her own art studio, doing tattoos, painting, and photography, as well as taking time to develop new musical endeavours. ‘Snake’ is the debut release from this brand new project. With more releases in the pipeline, Zon’ is testing the waters with the powerful debut single ‘Snake.’

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