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APLSOZ conjures up celestial journey to get listeners into the eternal, ‘Get Out Of Your Mind’

After a year since his last release, APLSOZ (real name Cody Bones) returns to the self-release radar with a journey-filled new single that asks you to “Get Out Of Your Mind” and into the soul. How does one do that exactly? By getting into the body, of course.

The track centers around the Florida producer’s ultra-captivating heavy bass music experience, wherein fans are eased into a soft and serene audiophile’s landing pad. As calming tones, twinkling arps, and hypnotizing measures set the groundwork for the track, the song’s title is repeated as a reminder put all things of the psyche aside and just let go. After a solid minute of blissful listening, the song’s first track blasts listeners with gritty, expansive atmospheres and that’s when you know it’s time to break free.

By midway through the track, one can’t help but notice how gradually “Get Out Your Mind” builds to perfection. Carefully introducing each sample the timeline, each layered supremely atop the last, “Get Out Of Your Mind” showcases just how far APLSOZ’s production style has come in the past year. He always been phenomenal, but we are now experiencing a new kind of expertise from Mr. Bones. Take one listen and prepared to be blasted into the eternal abyss.

APLSOZ – Get Out Of Your Mind

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