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Let JamL take you on a colorful, genre-defying dubstep ride with new 4-tracker, ‘Good evening’

Philadelphia underground bass producer JamL never ceases to surprise and impress. The CE favorite has been steadily building his name over the past year, showing up on stellar line-ups around the country and showing off his studio acumen with consistent releases.

Now the artist, known amongst his close friends as Billy Hambridge, has delivered a surprise release in Good evening, a 4-track project that will leave fans of all musical genres with goosebumps. Not to mention, the album artwork is popping with color and stunning design.

The album’s art is worth mentioning for how it matches the tone of the entire project so perfectly—chill, trippy, colorful. From the opening title track, with its violin-led melody and titillating dubstep signatures, to the BITSKY-assisted “Damn Right,” which features expansive guitar melodies and heavy dubstep-inspired drops, the album seems concerned with melding different styles and genres of music in a fun and effortless way.

The third track on the album is “Jab,” which is a word-inspired number that dips into trippy basslines, complex rhythms, and broken beat tempos. A gorgeous piano melody welcomes listeners into the final track on the album. Titled “My guy,” this fun-loving track is a bit Ganja White Night adjacent, but more so, it’s a metaphor for the kind of dude Hambridge is himself. For JamL, music doesn’t need some larger philosophical meaning hiding behind the elements. The music itself is the meaning for “this guy.”

Free from generic constraint, yet fully aware of its “border crossing” appeal, JamL’s Good evening seeks to break boundaries, tear down walls, and marry dubstep to the larger musical universe. This is all done in the name of unbridled fun from “Just another music Lover.”

JamL – Good evening

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