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Wakaan Festival poised to make its Mulberry Mountain return in 2022

Nestled in Arkansas Ozarks, Mulberry Mountain is a venue that brings about a natural sense of belonging, magical wonder, and awe. When Wakaan Records launched its inaugural festival concept at the site in 2019, fans became family so much to the point that we had to rank it as our Top Breakout Festival of 2019. Then COVID happened and the Wakaan Family has been yearning for the day when they would one day return to Mulberry’s sacred grounds.

2022 is now officially the year of Wakaan Music Festival‘s return to glory, as the label and musical movement announced recently on their socials. While the 2022 lineup hasn’t yet been uncovered, attendees both new and old can almost certainly count on two headlining performances from Wakaan boss Liquid Stranger, along with many label mainstays appearing on the bill.

Registration for presales has already begun, so be sure to sign up to secure your early ticket now. With Wakaan exploding in popularity over the past few years, chances high are that Wakaan Festival’s 2022 edition one will sell out.

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