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Max Van Berg releases festival-friendly debut single, ‘Now or Never’ 

Born in Ukraine, growing up in San Francisco, and now splitting time between the states and Mallorca, Spain, Max Van Berg is nothing else if not well cultured. So, naturally, the Ukrainian dance music producer draws musical inspiration from the many different places, faces, and emotions he’s encountered along the way. Delivering on this dynamic sound, “Now or Never” is the up-and-comer’s debut single reflecting the emotional rollercoaster which so often accompanies relationships.

For the three-and-a-half-minute trance number, Van Berg teams up with a veteran singer-songwriter whose vocals have graced hit singles with the likes of Tiësto, Fedde Le Grand, Markus Schulz, and more. The single’s epic leads and powerful vocals work perfectly to make “Now or Never” a triumphantly euphoric festival-friendly track that’s sure to capture the hearts of EDM lovers around the world.

Van Berg’s music-making process always starts behind a piano, channeling feelings and emotion into keys and allowing the music to evolve organically before taking into the studio for some magic. His philosophies surrounding this creative process reflects that of a true artist, which he speaks to better in his own words:

“Music for me is not about anyone style or subgenre, it’s about connecting with the listener and sharing my emotions with them, it’s about the human experience.”

– Max Van Berg

Listening to a wide range of records at a young age, taking piano lessons, and eventually discovering the underground sounds of the rave scene in the 1990s, Max Van Berg cites the musical exploration of his youth as key to the development of his sound. After the many years he’s sent playing underground parties and nightclubs— all while watching “rave music” climb into mainstream appeal— stands as a significant achievement and learning experience, leaving a mark on his musical style.

Stream Max Van Berg’s “Now or Never,” out now on Serum Records, and be sure to give the artist a follow below!

Max Van Berg – Now or Never (Radio Edit)

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