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mh - Catharsis

Liverpool artist mh achieves ‘Catharsis’ on multi-layered instrumental track

Drawing on the influences of Pink Floyd, Bonobo, Claude Debussy, TesseracT, and more, mh is the musical moniker for Liverpool-based artist Martin Hanak. Radiating an undeniable musical intelligence, he might be unbeknownst to the average “EDM” listener; but that all changes today as mh releases his latest single in “Catharsis.”

Making use of piano parts and virtual instruments in his DAW, to drum creation and bass guitar parts, this release is multi-layered brimming with interesting motifs and melodic ideas. Beneath all of mh’s electronic musical arrangements, beneath his eclectic synths and chill instrumentation, there is an intelligent thematic influence undergirding the track.

The aptly-titled “Catharis” follows a certain cycle that exists deeper than the level his definitive style as he takes listeners into a higher world of emotions as it encapsulates everyday life, rejuvenation, liberation, and power of mind. 

mh has been listening to music since his very early years, with an ear attuned to rock. When he was a teenager, Hanak’s mother bought him his first electric guitar, prompting him to begin performing in a metal band. This progressed into garage rock, exploring different genres and improvising. He recalls being impressed by the live concert band, Esbjorn Svensson Trio, which was an impressionable moment and perhaps changed the way he listened to jazz and other alternative styles. 

mh’s first officially released album, Piano Impressions, was released in 2021. He’s got plenty more on the horizon musically – making mh one to keep on your radar as we go deeper into 2022. For now, stream “Catharsis” below.

mh – Catharsis

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