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Kosmic Kingdom’s 2022 lineup touts itself as a must-see event for underground bass music enthusiasts

Featured photo: Spencer Tuttrup.

For anyone who finds themselves longing for Middlelands, Kosmic Kingdom Music Festival can certainly begin to fill that void. Seeking to transport its attendees back to the medieval age, the recently launched festival takes place at Sleepy Hollow’s Renaissance Park in Des Moines, Iowa. The unique grounds are said to feature multiple life-like medieval castles that double as musical stages, along with over 35 fully functional Renaissance buildings.

After being forced to cancel their 2021 gathering, Kosmic Kingdom organizers have now announced the official lineup for the upcoming three-day event, which is slated for June 3 through 4, with a pre-party on the 2nd. Headlining in 2022 are CloZee and G Jones, followed by SHADES, New Zealand’s Truth, Of The Trees, and glitch maestro Opiuo, along with kLL sMTH, Supertask, Tripp St., Abelation, VCTRE, Ternion Sound, and NotLö.

The undercard is perhaps the festival’s best-kept secret for fans of emerging bass music talent, which is made up of CE favorites A Hundred Drums, Super Future, and Tripzy Leary, along with Wakaan newcomer Canabliss, Floret Loret, Vide, Pheel., and many more. All in all, the event is a must-stop destination for fans who find themselves deeply embedded in the thriving underground bass movement.

Kosmic Kingdom evolved from its originator, Kosmos Music Festival, which took place from 2014 to 2016 in Saint Charles, Iowa. In 2017, the festival’s organizers decided to rebrand after touring Sleepy Hollow’s Renaissance Park. 

“Immediately after stepping into the Renaissance Park, we could feel the magic that a music festival would bring to the grounds,” Kosmic Kingdom revealed in a statement. “It feels truly incredible and unique, as if you’re in a medieval village lost in time.”

Potential attendees can check out the Kosmic Kingdom 2022 lineup below as well as watch the 2019 after-movie to get a better sense of the festival grounds. Tickets are available now via the Kosmic Kingdom website.

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