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Ujuu, RYNS - Lumina EP [SSKWAN]

Ujuu and RYNS team up on 4-track whirlwind of sound for their SSKWAN debut, ‘Lumina’ EP

Coming together for the first time on SSKWAN, promising bass music newcomers ujuu and RYNS appear to be two peas in a pod on their latest joint musical venture. What began as a fun friendship through music, and later blossomed into regular studio sessions where the two buddies would discuss cool thematic and technical ideas, would ultimately lead to the development of their Lumina EP.

The joint four-tracker now comes into full fruition on Liquid Stranger‘s softer imprint. Drawing a bit on Porter Robinson, and heavily on the style of Flume, the two embark into unbridled experimentation through twinkling tones and sexy melodies. “We share a lot of influences which helps a lot when making creative decisions and throwing ideas at the wall,” RYNS elaborated in a press release.

“Ujuu and I always make a point to have fun in the studio. The music started coming together naturally and after building up some projects it felt right to solidify them in an EP… I think we both got to add our own flavors to the tracks and I’m really proud of how it turned out.”


Crafting beautifully colorful sonic soundscapes infused with sultry indie grooves, the four-track EP takes SSKWAN fans on a real journey through beaming notes, downtempo tones, and low fidelity wubs. Bringing out the best in one another as humans and artist types, the two are absolutely stunning together as they excavate new emotive peaks and valleys.

“Sometimes we would hike around his town where they have a beautiful lake and I think that played a role in what we imagined as the space that this kind of music would exist. Definitely a natural setting,” says Ujuu. He even revealed that the two have toyed with the idea of starting a duo together after working together on the joint project. Stream Lumina below.

Ujuu, RYNS – Lumina EP [SSK018]

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