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WHIPPED CREAM returns to Monstercat With powerful new single, ‘CRY’

Whether on the ice or on the decks, WHIPPED CREAM’s talents for expressing herself through music are undeniable. Born in Toronto as Caroline Cecil, the former figure skater is dead set on her new life mission to create “music that can be felt by anyone.” In continuance of her service to this mission, the Canadian talent made her anticipated return to Monstercat today by unveiling an empowering single named “CRY.”

Since reemerging after a year hiatus with her inspiring anthem, “Light of Mine,” WHIPPED CREAM has continued to share her most personal music to date. Radiating newfound confidence in “CRY,” she channels all of her pain into strength and wastes no tears on the past.

Speaking to the meaning behind the music, WHIPPED CREAM revealed in a press statement that her lyrics are about moving on from past emotional pain.

“‘CRY’ is a song about being at the end of something that has hurt you constantly. It’s about having no tears, words, or energy left to give to a situation. A situation that has caused you to become stronger by hurt and pain.


As part of the coveted Monstercat Crossover Pass in the award-winning video game Paladins, WHIPPED CREAM will be reimagined as the bombshell champion named ‘Cassie,’ available to play in-game next month, complete with her own soundtrack to “CRY.”

Coming off her fierce collaboration with UNIIQU3, Moore Kismet, and Big Freedia, “HOLD UP,” WHIPPED CREAM is kicking off her 2022 live appearances on some of the biggest stages in the country. Bringing brand new music to renowned global festivals like Ultra Miami and Coachella, fans can expect this next chapter of WHIPPED CREAM to be bolder than ever before.



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