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Sound Haven 2022 lineup

Sound Haven 2022 unveils killer phase one with Jade Cicada, Kursa, Rusko, MIZE, and many more

Sound Haven has never been without controversy it would seem, and yet somehow the organizers always manage to put the naysayers to bed. That’s because, year in and year out, the folks at Sacred Hive know how to run an event with a top-tier underground bass roster that speaks truth to talent. Just look to Mersiv and MIZE‘s sets from this past year for proof. While still in its infancy, Sound Haven never ceases to provide excellently curated billings that deliver with jaw-dropping appeal— for those that know underground bass, anyway.

As luck would have it, Sound Haven came barreling out of the gates today with a particularly impressive 2022 initial phase offering. With Jade Cicada sitting at the top, the July-held festival will also host Detox Unit, Kursa, Minnesota, Rusko, Daily Bread, MIZE, and one TBA act as second tiered supporting acts.

The underground is no less impressive. Bogtrotter, Distinct Motive, EAZYBAKED, ENiGMA DUBZ, Mickman, Mystic Grizzly, Super Future, TieDye Ky, and too many more to mention shaping out the lineup; not to mention, a double set from Smoakland. Plus, it’s only the first phase. If history is any judge, the second phase will blast this Tennessee-based festival into the cosmos.

Grab early bird tickets to Sound Haven 2022 and be sure to check out the first phase lineup below.

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