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Mersiv Turn Down set at Sound Haven 2021

MUST LISTEN: Relive Mersiv’s Sunday ‘Slow Down’ set from Sound Haven 2021

The gift keeps on pouring in from Sound Haven Festival, which took place in southern Tennessee last weekend. With Mersiv on the docket as one of the weekend’s main headliners, the crowd at Jaceland received two sets from the rising superstar. The first was Mersiv “Turn Up” set, which donned a lot of the musical elements and song curation that fans have come to know and love from Anderson Gallegos.

On Sunday evening, Mersiv and his entire Mind Warp team had a very special gift for the crowd as the sun began setting on the final day, giving way to the darkness as he guided festival goers into the night’s festivities. For those live and in-person at Jaceland, they were able witness a decidedly more subdued, more intentional, and full-bodied Mersiv experience, yet equally as immersive and guttural as his heavier sets. Pretty heavy, pretty dark, pretty mellow—to put it another way. Thankfully for anyone not in attendance, the Denver-based artist has uploaded a re-rendering of his Sunday “Slow Down” for everyone’s pure enjoyment.

A truly magical Mersiv moment in time, the hour-long journey effectively “Slowed Down” the crowd and perfectly captured the elating, exonerating energy that so typically flows freely on the last day of a festival. Mersiv took the audience through hypnotic dips with his special remixes of Ghost Loft‘s “So High” and Puddle of Mudd‘s “Blurry,” then in for some energetic twists through the DnB-stylings of Koven and Sub Focus, and finally into the deep downtempo dives that Mersiv’s more recent catalog has been turning towards.

These included the popular track “Running Through” from his Smoakland-assisted EP, What You Want, as well as new gems like “Floating Underwater Above The Clouds” and “Osmosis,” and the “Healing Frequencies” of his 2019 EP, Digital Eden. Mersiv also included two live IDs that are expected to come on his incoming debut album, Pretty Dark Loud, which is set for release some time in October on Mersiv’s very own MorFlo Records.

Stream the full audio remastered mix from Mersiv’s entire “Slow Down” set at Sound Haven 2021 below! For live video content on the sunset experience, be sure to follow CE‘s YouTube page to see Mersiv playing his remix of Supertask and Saint Sinner’s “Get To You,” along with more from other artists on the weekend.

Mersiv – Slow Down Mix (Recorded LIVE @ Sound Haven 2021)


If I Was a Raven – Mersiv & Elephant Revival

Running Through – Mersiv, Smoakland

Higher Than High – At Dawn We Rage

Healing Frequencies – Mersiv

Wake You Up – Koven

ID – Mersiv

Together – theFrontier

Coming Closer – Sub Focus, Takura

Waves – Skit

Soma Dreams (CloZee Remix) – David Starfire

Broken VIP – Mersiv

Balance – Chill Children & BACKWHEN

So High (Mersiv Remix) – Ghost Loft

Sueta – Pensees

ID – Mersiv

Floating Underwater Above the Clouds – Mersiv

Osmosis – Mersiv

Get To You (Mersiv Remix) – Supertask x Saint Sinner

Blurry (Mersiv Remix) – Puddle of Mudd

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