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Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs - Crosswalk

Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs shares second single ‘Crosswalk’ from forthcoming LP

Featured photo courtesy of TEED.

For over a decade, Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs (TEED) has been a name synonymous with a consistently stellar musical output, whether touring the globe, producing for a plethora of notable artists, or gaining a Grammy nomination for his recent collaboration with Bonobo for single, “Heartbreak.” TEED now shares the second single “Crosswalk,” from his forthcoming sophomore album When the Lights Go, released on his new imprint Nice Age this July. 

Since his critically acclaimed debut album, Trouble, which coaxed indie-pop to the dancefloor, TEED (real name: Orlando Higginbottom) has been leaning into what separates him from his peers and is at the crux of his music— a sublime combination of stellar production, melded with his faultless vocal and its agile ability to slip into a soft falsetto over dance floor heartstoppers. 

Following recent highlight, “Blood In the Snow,” TEED’s new single and album opener “Crosswalk” shifts into a higher gear, teasing the tone of his album to come. A satisfying collision of new wave nostalgia and pop perfection, ‘the track’s full forward thrust is repetition. Steady LinnDrum-esque loops lay the architecture for Orlando’s layers of warped keys flourishes and orchestral stabs, blanketed by his understated vocal’s mix of ennui and ebullience. Paired with Orlando’s bleeding-heart melody, crescendoing to a euphoric chorus, it’s a song that sounds like how golden hour at a festival feels.

“When I finished this song the tone of the album started to make sense to me, at least what to keep and what to save for another time,” explains Orlando. “I think when people hear the whole thing there’s a chance that will come across.”

Orlando, remains an artist who stridently crisscrosses the worlds of live electronic and club-oriented productions, and new his album, When the Lights Go is an impressive body of work, containing 17 tracks, it’s representative of the duration between albums. Stay tuned for more information on TEED’s upcoming sophomore album, released this July. Stream “Crosswalk” now.

Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs – Crosswalk

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