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Bonobo launches new OUTLIER imprint with TEED-assisted track, ‘Heartbreak’

Photo credit: Grant Spanier.

Bonobo‘s rise has been stealthy but unstoppable, and Simon Green, the man behind it all, is now one of the biggest electronic artists of our time. Now Green is launching his very own label, Outlier, formed in partnership with Ninja Tune and the imprint’s first single is “Heartbreak.” The label’s inaugural track sees Bonobo team up with fellow producer Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs (TEED).

Together, the two prolific producers deliver a dancefloor-driven 12″ that builds on some of the foundations of electronic music, tracing a line from 1980’s NYC through to the warehouse parties of today. Lead single “Heartbreak” is a breakbeat-driven ode to one of electronic music’s formative scenes: New York City’s disco revolution of the 1970s & 80s. Sampling Christine Wiltshire’s iconic vocal line, “I can’t take the heartbreak,” from the 1983 disco anthem, “Weekend,” by Class Action.

Having both settled in Los Angeles around 2015, the two UK artists quickly struck up a friendship. With subsequent years spent performing at each other’s gigs and exchanging demos, they finally got into the studio together to record, “Heartbreak,” and B-side, “6,000 Ft.”

Orlando (Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs) was playing me a fairly stripped back idea he had for something last year. We spent a few afternoons in his studio trying ideas out and eventually, ‘Heartbreak’ was the end result.”


With the sample at its core, the track sees both artists pay their respects to one of the formative scenes in electronic music, with additional liner notes from author Tim Lawrence provided on the 12”, giving insights into the history and evolution of “Weekend” and the lasting impact it had on the electronic music of today.

Now more than ever it feels important to be putting out dance music with deliberate acknowledgment of its history. It’s great to be releasing music with Simon, not to mention the first release on his label.”

Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs

The 12″ vinyl is the first to arrive via Bonobo’s new label, Outlier, and expands on the series of club shows and festival stage takeovers under that same banner. Launched at the iconic, though now sadly shuttered New York club, Output, the newly-minted label sees Bonobo playing and curating an array of nights and festivals on either side of the Atlantic which has so far included Field Day, Nuits Sonores, OFFSonar, and more.

The new imprint will “reflect the more club-focused side of what I’m building with OUTLIER,” Bonobo explains. “’Heartbreak’ seems like a good starting point and was the track that became the catalyst to start the label. One for the dance floors in a time when they’re dearly missed.”

Bonobo & Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs – Heartbreak

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