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Sofia Alcon

Techno newcomer Sofia Alcon releases pulsating debut album, ‘Don’t Worry About The Future’


Techno newcomer Sofia Alcon has just released her brand new debut album, Don’t Worry About The Future, and is hoping to break into the underground electronic scene. Drawing upon inspirations from daily life, Sofia is determined to make music that creates an uplifting atmosphere and allows people to dance along to the hypnotic beats she creates. 

Sofia has been signed by Oxytech Records, Mars Darkness Records, and ATR, showing the demand for her music. The sky’s the limit for Sofia Alcon who is determined to be playing festivals and the biggest events in the near future. Online presence has also been strong in terms of engagement, with one of her previous songs, “I Love Techno,” reaching nearly 3k. Alongside her strong fan following on Instagram, it’s clear that Sofia Alcon will be a household name in no time. 

Sofia Alcon – Don’t Worry About The Future

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