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Spor returns to the driver’s seat with journey-filled four-track EP, ‘Let Me Be’

Photo courtesy of Spor/mau5trap.

Fitting in within the current world of electronic music might be something most producers have usually figured out after a decade plus on the scene, but for British-born DJ/producer Jon Gooch, fitting in has never been much of a priority. Moving through genres as Feed Me, Spor, and Seventh Stitch, Jon has given himself the freedom to become whatever he wants to be and create as he sees fit. Now Spor unveils his first body of work in two years time, Cave.

Returning to the spotlight after a two-year drum & bass hiatus to focus on his Feed Me moniker, Spor’s Cave EP is highly anticipated. Having previously delivered two high-octane singles “Let Me Be” and “Throw Down Let Go,” Spor’s sonic return was met with fanfare in all corners of the industry, drawing praise from tastemakers including UKF, Your EDM, DJ LIFE, and countless others. A stirring frenetic whirlwind through 4 cerebral tracks, Cave is a showcase of Spor’s impeccable production prowess. Jon Gooch, the man behind his Spor and Feed Me aliases, explains of his latest EP:

“My career as Spor ultimately was what led me to meeting Joel in London and signing with mau5trap, something that was a huge catalyst and substantially altered my life. It made sense to me to finally bring these two entities together with a release. ‘Cave’ was the Latin motto of my hometown at that time, as well as a refuge, solitude, fortification, and a creative space. Holed up, nocturnal, pushing for driving energy and exploring with sound- that is a location I can always come back to.”

– Jon Gooch

A prolific drum & bass artist with a project dating back to the early 2000s, Spor is known for his cutting-edge approach to sound design. The multi-hyphenate cut his teeth on early production software as a teenager in his family home, learning the ins and outs of organic and synthetic sound. Inspired by the sounds of Pink Floyd, Yes, Radiohead, and Squarepusher, Gooch’s fascination with electronic instrumentation grew from a young age, and at 18-years-old, Spor was born. Throughout his widely celebrated career, Spor released hit singles “Darkest Hours” and “Aztec,” with his recent 2020 Anachronic EP garnering high praise across the industry.

Never shy of testing his creative limits, Jon and his many aliases continue to grow and evolve, “otherwise why the fuck am I here” he puts so succinctly. With the new Spor EP marking a clear, mature musical evolution for the producer, Jon can continue to look forward to the future, as can his fans. Spor’s 4-track Cave EP is available now via mau5trap.

Spor – Let Me Be EP

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