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Direct x CloudNone - Elixir / Nectar EP

Direct & CloudNone join forces once more on high-energy future garage EP, ‘Elixir / Nectar’

Recurring collaborators and Monstercat label favorites CloudNone and Direct have teamed up once again to deliver a high-energy two-track release.

Elixir / Nectar arrives as a proper EP with an ambient future garage opener, followed by a more complex take adding strings and layered pads reminiscent of a Disclosure record. The pair made the double offering as quickly as possible, so as to lean into their immediate creative impulses and not to allow themselves the urge to deviate. 

We wanted to push our sound to the extreme and that’s just what we did with “Elixir / Nectar.” Maximizing on each of our production strengths, we feel like we’ve really created something unique and special with these ultra-high energy takes on our usual two-step foundation.

– Direct and CloudNone

Soaring vocal hooks and precise dance beats are hallmarks on the EP, along with a healthy dosage of hypnotic UK garage, clean mixdowns, and progressive production. Stream the two-track project below, out now on Monstercat.

Direct x CloudNone – Elixir / Nectar

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