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Radderz taps into the energy of UK DnB on debut EP, 'DFRNT VYBZ'

Radderz taps into the energy of UK DnB on debut EP, ‘DFRNT VYBZ’

For anyone unaware, Radderz is a fantastic emerging artist and lifelong lover of music with the goal of bringing the UK party vibe full circle in his music. Still riding the success of his debut single earlier this year, DFRNT VYBZ is the brand new 5-track EP from the green thumb producer.

Coming as an exciting exploration into the world of UK drum-n-bass, DFRNT VYBZ has a song for every mood. Throughout the five-track journey, Radderz can be heard taking listeners from DnB to jungle and garage. Speaking to his first EP project, Radderz says he wanted to share how his sound has been developing over the last few years. Thus, DFRNT VYBZ was born as an exhibition of his work to showcase the gains he’s made in his style, production, and writing techniques. DFRNT VYBZ is a fantastic testament to the versatility of this young artist as he pushes his creativity to the extremes and challenges himself with different sonic textures— all while blending them all together into a cohesive EP.

Establishing himself primarily as a drum-n-bass artist, Radderz is always striving to create something that is exciting and progressive. Still, the emerging talent isn’t afraid to mix in other genres and styles into his sonic imprint. Radderz started officially releasing music just this year and has already picked up support from BBC Radio who played his 2022 debut single, “Selecta,” before it had been released. Radderz’s new track, “Lost in Emotion,” will also be played on BBC Radio on his release day along with a 15-minute mix, so make sure you tune in.

Before then, get a taste of Radderz’s sound in his brand new 5-track EP, DFRNT VYBZ, below.

Radderz – DFRNT VYBZ

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