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Lucy Blueborn - A Moment to Forever Silence EP

Check out this AI vocalist Lucy Blueborn & “her” unique new approach to music: Stream ‘A Moment to Forever Silence’

A Moment to Forever Silence perfectly encapsulates what it means to be completely unique in the modern music industry.

The three-track EP is the work of a programmed AI singer named Lucy Blueborn. Lucy is a virtual artist created by Norwegian music producer Erik Buene, who is using his veteran industry experience in everything from hip-hop and techno (along with his skills as a sound technician) to bring something new and highly experimental to dance music. After delving into a broad spectrum of roles as a producer, sound technician, and rapper, Buene has decided to explore an overtly sparse genre of music— electronica guided by AI-powered vocals.

The EP brings together a fusion of genres and pairs its instrumentation with a refreshingly new approach to vocals using AI voiceovers and a programmed singer – Lucy Blueborn. Pairing melancholic and thought-provoking lyrics, Buene says they’re “representative of Lucy’s state of mind when writing this EP.” “I actually find it much easier to be more personal when I do not have to sing myself’, continues Buene, and this can be seen in the music he has produced through Lucy. A Moment to Forever Silence is laced with diverse, expansively wide-mix electronica beats that, in turn, lays the groundwork for the beautifully genius EP that also doubles as Erik’s first official release.

Following his decades-long work with artists such as Cam N A-lee, Karpe Diem, Pumba, and Spira, and the 2004 establishment of his first record label in Rough Rhythm, Buene’s vast industry experience and creative genius are perfectly reflected in Lucy’s first EP. EDM is already the genre held together by its open embrace of technology, super simulated environments, and overstimulation. So what better place to introduce the industry’s first artificially intelligent artist? Introducing Lucy Blueborn. Give “her” EP a try below.

Lucy Blueborn – A Moment to Forever Silence EP

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