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Porter Robinson - Everything Goes On

Porter Robinson touches on mortality, authenticity, and nostalgia in Star Guardian theme, ‘Everything Goes On’ [WATCH]

Featured photo: Lindsay Ellary.

It’s no secret that Porter Robinson is a fan of League of Legends. His newest release, produced in collaboration with Riot Games’ global Star Guardian event, is titled “Everything Goes On.” Speaking exclusively to Rolling Stone on the new one-off single, the Grammy-nominated artist says the track touches on themes of humanity in the virtual world, how he views authenticity as an artist, and the addictive nature of nostalgia.

After his fiancé Rika got him into a League of Legends Netflix animated series during the pandemic, Robinson revealed he was a bit apprehensive upon being approached by the franchise to write the Star Guardian theme song. After all, Robinson is not one to force inspiration and he’s been pretty vocal about it being a big struggle for him in the time leading up to writing and releasing his latest album, Nurture.

“I just didn’t know. Maybe there’d be an expectation I was going to make an ‘EDM banger’ or something. And it was totally not that at all. Everyone there said, ‘no, we want you to do a Porter song’.”

– Porter Robinson

Robinson wrote, produced, and sang on the track. After many rewrites, the song’s lyrics evolved into a reflection on what it means to be a “mortal being, and to be in love.” Lyrically, “Everything Goes On” tells the story of two Star Guardians as each character struggles internally to come to terms with their own individual loss and eventually find the will to move on.

With highly metaphorical lyrics like, “Is it selfish that I’m happy as we pass the setting sun?,” Robinson says his writing style these days relies on “the ability of raw language to convey meaning and poetry.” However, it was less about creating “really intricate wordplay, or really complex metaphors” or trying to be super deep. Porter says that for him the writing was more about “trying to just be as honest as possible, and to put things in simple, everyday language.”

Photo credit: Lindsay Ellary.

Making its return after three years, Star Guardian is League of Legends‘ tribute to the magical girl (mahō shōjo) anime genre, a vibrant alternative universe game centering on a young cast of characters who navigate school relationships by day and the responsibilities of magical warriors at night.

The Star Guardian event kicks off Thursday, July 14, with a new song and music video release of the event anthem, “Everything Goes On.” The event will also see new content releases in League of Legends, League of Legends: Wild Rift, and Legends of Runeterra, and the launch of Sessions: Star Guardian Taliyah and the Star Guardian merch line.

Stream and watch “Everything Goes On” below.

Porter Robinson – Everything Goes On (Star Guardian 2022 Official Music Video)

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