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Porter Robinson releases 14-track 'Nurture' LP

Porter Robinson glistens with grace on highly-anticipated sophomore artist concept album, ‘Nurture’ [STREAM]

Photo courtesy of @PorterRobinson/Twitter.

It’s been a decade since Porter Robinson first released and the artist has given his global fanbase plenty of eras of artistic growth and reconciliation. From the early days of Spitfire, to Worlds and Virtual Self, and now Nurture. After one full year of anticipation, and five album teasers in “Get Your Wish,” “Something Comforting,” “Mirror,” “Musician,” and “Look at the Sky,” the artistic visionary has delivered his latest musical requiem in the form of the 14-track LP, Nurture.

Robinson’s sophomore artistic-concept album comes out seven long years after his debut, Worlds, during which Robinson pushed past overwhelming bouts of anxiety and self-doubt as an artist. Despite Porter being very vocal about his insecurities, he said it made him to question whether he even had the capacity to carry on as an artist. Well, it was certainly worth the wait. Much like the artist himself, Robinson’s Nurture exists in a genre of its own lane and in a league of its own.

“Thank you guys so so much for listening, for waiting, for spending the time you have on this planet with my music… i really hope you find it helpful and can carry it with you to make the world feel one shade brighter.”

– Porter Robinson, Twitter

A magnum opus type of work, the Nurture conceptual project jumps off with a soothing instrumental lead-in, “Lifelike,” to really set the tone for the journey ahead. From there, the album deserves a start-to-finish listening experience, offering a compelling trajectory through the meditative piano-led “Wind Tempos,” with its floating musical tones and lo-fi synth brushes that conjure up the wind element.

Then come the strings, uplifting, energetic beats, and playful feel of “do-re-mi-fa-so-la-ti-do,” before moving into what is the most heartfelt vocal-led anthem on the album, “Mother,” which seems to be an ode to his beloved maternal. Taken with other notable tracks, including the glitchy-twitching of “dullscythe,” the verbose beauty on “Sweet Time,” and the TEED-assisted “Unfold,” and what seems to emerge is a highly emotional rhapsody of ecstatic expression, but an honest look into Porter’s heart and soul.

Then there’s “Blossom,” which Porter says was a ballad made for his girlfriend:

“I remember bawling as I wrote it. It all came together very quickly and sprang from the idea of well-wishing: How much joy does it fill you with to imagine somebody you love and care about really ? Getting everything that they want, and being surrounded by the loved ones? I was imagining that for my girlfriend and picturing her as happy as she could possibly be.”

– Porter Robinson, Apple Music

Closing out the album, “Trying to Feel Alive” provides the perfect bookend to the listening journey. Porter revealed that he was listening to a lot of galileo galilei around the time of writing and how he “really wanted to write something that made me feel the way their music does.” In sum, the entirety of Nurture is a deeply emotive and vulnerable experience where Porter glistens with grace and intellect. At times somber and downtrodden, and others uplifting and spirited, the emotional peaks and valleys of Nurture offer the album up as Robinson’s best work to date.

Stream Nurture below as the countdown begin for Porter Robinson’s Secret Sky 2 live stream with BaauerBoys NoizeREZZWave Racer, and a very special Porter Robinson set to close out the evening. Tune in tomorrow night, April 24, via YouTube, Twitch, Oculus VR, Playstation (via Rad TV), and Diplo’s Revolution on SiriusXM. Also, RSVP to Secret Sky on the event website, here

Porter Robinson – Nurture LP

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