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Porter Robinson unveils official music video for ‘Musician’

Following the release of his latest Nurture single earlier this month, Porter Robinson has now unveiled the music video for “Musician.” As the forthcoming LP’s fifth teaser release, “Musician” tells the story of a young boy following his dream of pursuing music through Sarah of Kero Kero Bonito‘s unbridled lyrics.

Created in collaboration with Waboku and Mah and an entire animation team, Porter and company put forth a futuristic world with a lead character who resembles Porter Robinson himself. In the video, the protagonist listens to music and sets off on a mission to stand out on his own, even at the risk of being deemed an outcast from society. On the single, Robinson said the following:

“The song is meant to feel like a celebration, like I’m reveling in the joy of newfound inspiration… I’m extremely excited, it’s super fun and I feel it really captures the spirit of the song.

– Porter Robinson

Porter Robinson’s second studio LP, Nurture, is set for an April 23 wide release date. Also check out his four other album singles in “Get Your Wish,” “Something Comforting,” “Mirror,” and “Look at the Sky.”

Porter Robinson – Musician (Official Music Video)

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