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Electric Consciousness 007: NotLö stops by for Women’s Rights Month to honor her placement as CE’s Top Underground Female

One widely-held truth that everyone can seem to agree on is this: Life is hard, and it doesn’t get any easier. We just get tougher. As one gains age and experience, it becomes more critical to practice everyday balance—spontaneity with routine, work with play, control with letting go, and tuning out of the world by tuning into the body. That’s why Conscious Electronic is proud to present our monthly mixtape series, Electric Consciousness. Bringing you the best and latest in bass music every month—from heavy to experimental, tribal to future and funk, left-field to half-time, and more.

Rising Bass Spotlight artist and CE favorite NotLö has been swiftly climbing the ranks lately. Between signing to CloZee’s esteemed new imprint, Odyzey Music, collaborating with VEIL on Wakaan, and coming in the number one spot on our staff-voted Top Females of the Bass Underground list recently, 2021 is already proving to be the Denver-based artist’s breakout year.

“For people to receive my project this well is crazy,” NotLö tells CE in an exclusive one-on-one for the mixtape. “I really wanted to make sure that my style and sound stood out to people and I am really excited that these goals are being achieved.” A self-taught beat maker, she learned sound design and arrangement on her own through tutorial videos and experimenting in her bedroom, and interning for a professional sound engineer in Denver.

In honor of her No. 1 slot on CE’s list, put out this week in to celebrate Women’s Rights Month, NotLö dropped into the studio to create a 30-minute Electric Consciousness mix that is riddled with Lö-end beats, heavy remixes, and countless unreleased IDs. Of the six ID tracks to grace the mix, the most notable may come in the form of a NotLö and Conrank track that she previews with strength and fervor.

As one of bass music’s most promising rising stars out of the underground, the producer who jokingly goes by “Dubplate Debbie” spoke to the male-dominant attitudes that pervade the electronic dance music industry—and, by extension, the music industry at large.

“I feel like there are assumptions in this scene that women can’t produce as heavy of music, or push out ‘bangers.’ However, I feel like women are making a big imprint on electronic music and are  defying the social norm. I’m so happy to be a part of this wave!”


To observed Women’s Month, It was important for the CE staff to not just highlight female game-changers, but to shine a critical spotlight on gender inequality in the industry in the hopes of creating discourse around some much-needed change. It’s a steady change that is already happening for rising talent like NotLö, but one that still has miles to go. By making efforts to feature talented females beyond Women’s Month, the media can play a vital role in this change as well.

Electric Consciousness | Vol. 007 | NotLö


Isded – Milk (NotLö Remix)
Substance – How Many
Leo Cap – One Thing
Distinct Motive – 40hz (TRUTH Remix)
Substrada – UrdakKhiva
Distinct Motive – Haste
Distinct Motive – Hamburg
Isded – Monodrone Strike
Abstrakt Sonance – Deep in the Jungle
NotLö x VEIL – someday
Biome – existence

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